[thelist] Jakob Nielsen [was Anti-aliasing]

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 25 20:12:01 CST 2002

> From: Erik Mattheis <gozz at gozz.com>
> The only other thing I'm qualified to pass judgement on is his take on
> Flash ... and as anybody who is moderately familiar with Flash can
> immediately recognize that in his Alert Box addressing the evils of
> Flash, he's criticizing something he doesn't know about.

you're gonna have to help me out on this one...  i find his arguments generally
accurate, if not on-the-nose...

heck, just the bullet list is spot-on... what about this is not accurate?
- The "Back" button does not work.[...]
- Link colors don't work.[...]
- The "Make text bigger/smaller" button does not work.[...]
- Flash reduces accessibility for users with disabilities.
- The "Find in page" feature does not work.[...]
- Internationalization and localization is complicated.[...]

as a developer who works with Flash as well as content management,
accessibility, usability, and the like, these are major reasons why i would skip
all-Flash sites on projects...  and i was running with this notion before his
article (if anything, he's a day late)...

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