[thelist] .htaccess / PHP file creation / blog database design

Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 04:38:01 CST 2002

Does anyone have some good links to articles on .htaccess?
Also, my quicker question is, in my meo account, how do I
redirect from the main directory to one called 'thoughts'?

Secondly, does anyone know how to create files with PHP? (I
glanced through the function list for files, and none
seemed apparent, however I'm not feeling too well, and I
might have missed something.)

Lastly, I was trying to think of a database structure for
my own blog, and the only two fields I came up with were
datetime, as the key, and a text for the entry. This seems
a bit too simple to me... can anyone think of anything
which I will regret not having added at some point in the



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