[thelist] Good examples of corporate sites

Bill Haenel bill at webmarketingworx.com
Tue Feb 26 11:01:01 CST 2002

> I really need sites outside of the Tech area.  Does anyone know of an
> any sites that could be added to this list?

I thought of several, then I thought you'd probably get much more out of a
directory of many, many sites - the Thomas Register
(http://www.thomasregister.com) is a directory of suppliers and etc., and
has many, many companies listed by product, company or brand. Much of it is
industrial, but you can search by product to get comparison sites to your
client's field. I would recommend clicking the link that says: "Not Ready To
Register? Click Here and Try ThomasRegister.com before you register." if
you're not planning on stopping in frequently.


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