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Wed Feb 27 08:37:00 CST 2002

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Sure -

On the page that is the target of the form information, just do one thing
after the other.

<air code>
'Set connection to database
set connection
set recordset

'Submit form information to database
recordset.Open "INSERT INTO table (column) VALUES" &

'Set CDONTS (email) object
set email
email.message "More information has been added to the database"

'Send email
</air code>


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Subject: [thelist] multiple actions for submit button

Is there a way to have one submit button commit form data to a database and
an email notification to the db admin in ASP?
And the same action for an ASPSmartUpload area.
I'm glad it's down to this as the client wanted a built in IM previously
and I would be down to pulling the hair out of my legs by that point.

Peter Kaulback

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