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At 16:10 27/02/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>A good way of doing this is:
>Create 3 tables in your database (Extranet.mdb): tlbUsers, tblGroups and
>tblUser: Uid (User id: autonumber), then other info such as username,
>password etc..
>tblGroups: Gid (Group id: autonumber), then the GroupName
>tbleUsersGroups: id (autonumber), Uid (user id), Gid (group id)

I think you've been looking over my shoulder -- I've just been doing
exactly this for an intranet! If you have sections of the site that are
accessible to different groups of users, think about adding another couple
of tables:

tblPageGroup: PGID (primary key), PGtitle
tblPageAccess: PGID, GId

Then you can give certain groups access to certain pages by creating
records in tblPageAccess. Makes for a very robust and flexible system,
especially if you combine it with a set of generic functions for checking
access rights and redirecting to "Not allowed" pages if appropriate.

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