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Dayn Riegel @ NYAD, Inc. kichigai at jointhe.net
Wed Feb 27 10:46:00 CST 2002

Semi-selfish plug here...


Contact Del Winn, he's my attorney and friend and client.

He can, probably, point you in the right direction.

On a side note -- are guys hosting the site yourself? If not,
you better check w/ the ISP/Hosts AUP -- Acceptable Use

These days everyone is so worried about what they might see
on the Web and therefore you'll lose your entire rights to show
the site if you violate their AUP.

There are numerous Webmaster boards out there as well --
the two that Janet mentioned in a previous thread as well as:


and... digging around here...


but that one is revamped so you'd have to look around the
site a bit more.

There's one more I can't remember......


That's not it but those should prove a starting point.

Good luck!

-_- D.

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Hi All,

A client of the company I work for is a night club. They will be having a
wet t-shirt contest and would like pictures of it on their site. This
brought up obvious concerns about current internet laws regarding potential

Does anyone know what Federal or New Hampshire Laws there may be pertaining
to this, or a good place to look for this info.



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