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Dayn Riegel @ NYAD, Inc. kichigai at jointhe.net
Wed Feb 27 15:27:01 CST 2002


Apparently, and for good reason, we can't attach files when sending
our thread posts in. Of course, as it was explained to me it makes
cents -- or rather, it costs cents or dollars for some overseas viewers
that pay by the byte.

I have a client in Thailand that pays more per month in bandwidth
than most of your do all year in BurntBucks Coffee...

Perhaps there can be a site set up that will allow *pertinent* posts
like the screen shots one from the previous thread?

I'd offer some of my server space, humbly, if there would be a
"gentleman's" agreement on space usage, etc.

Sorry, ladies -- sometimes the PC crap even gets to me... I'm all
up for gentlelady's agreements, too but my g/f might not like me
talking about that. ;)

What ya all think????

-_- D.

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