[thelist] Java Question [ OT ? ]

Burhan Khalid burhankhalid at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 27 15:29:01 CST 2002

Hello Evolters :

	I'm working on a pet project in Java, and would like to make it available
for download.  Currently, I do not plan to release the source code (.java)
for the application, and I will make it available for free. The application
downloads current weather information for use in a flight simulator, and
does it at a certain frequency, as determined by the user. As many of you
know, Java's "executable" is in .class form. I have seen many Java programs
that are distributed over the internet in plain ol' .exe form. Anyone know
what trick/program/wrapper I need to use in order to get my .class file to
work as an .exe? I don't mind giving out the .class file, but it requires a
bit more tweaking on the user's part to get it running than an .exe would.
They would have to run it from the prompt, as in :

java somfile.class

Any thoughts on this? Since I think this is a little OT, here is my tip :

<tip type="Eudora 5.1 Shortcut" Author="Burhan Khalid">

In Eudora's latest version, you can hit CTRL + \ to immediately execute any
waiting tasks.
You know you've got waiting tasks when there is an envelope icon under the
Qualcomm logo
in Eudora.

CTRL+J will manually apply filters to the currently selected mailbox.


If you are a reader of PC Magazine, their latest anniversary edition
includes a great poster that details some of the influential people in
computer for the past decade. Sample :

Dennis Ritchie
John Warnock
Douglas Engelbart

Burhan Khalid

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