[thelist] Re: Uninstalling Flash (was: )

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 27 19:34:02 CST 2002


> From: John Dowdell
> Search the Macromedia site with phrase "uninstall
> flash".
> Note, though, that if you choose to use IE/Win, then
> that browser is set up to auto-install ActiveX
> Controls. Because most of the larger sites use Flash,
> you might want to either limit your viewing or change
> browsers:

bah, rubbish.

just disable the automatic installation of activex -- a good idea to begin

tools > internet options

click on security tab

select "internet" zone

click "custom level" button

check "prompt" for "download signed activex controls"

check "prompt" or "disable" for "download unsigned activex controls"

problem solved (along with other potential problems)


jeff at members.evolt.org

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