[thelist] how to plan a working day?

Richard Bennett richard.b at gritechnologies.com
Thu Feb 28 05:00:13 CST 2002

Maybe a strange question, but I was wondering how you people get your work
Are there any tips or resources out there on planning a working day, with
something so unpredictable as software developing, and combining this with
being involved in evolt-like communities, other forms of self-study, and

I find sometimes I do 12 hour days, without seeming to get very much done in
the end...

As an independent, I find it important to be involved in the net, to stay
informed, and to keep on learning things, but if I had to pay me, I'd prefer
my computer not to have internet access.

So how do you get your work done?
How do you feel about your employees surfing the net?
How does your employer feel about you spending time reading 150 evolt mails
a day?


(Could have got something useful done instead of writing this - drat!)

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