[thelist] OT : GadgetRegular font

kris burford [midtempo] kris at midtempo.net
Thu Feb 28 07:14:01 CST 2002


a client's just rung me saying:

"the pdf file I can't work with because one needs to have all the fonts
that are used actually installed on one's harddrive before alterations can
be made. The font I am missing is GadgetRegular (I think the program was
constructed in PaintShop Pro - and this may be an obscure font embedded in
that program)"

i've done a quick google search and can't find anything i can make any
sense of.

can anyone shed any light??



<tip author="kris burford" subject = "site architecture">

when structuring a medium to large site, i find the best way of developing
the system architecture is by using a card system.

write down every page title within the site on a separate pieces of card.
then wander around cornering people and ask them to put the cards into 5-7
piles of similar 'themes'. (much is dependent on getting the card titles
right - you don't want to taint your responses by putting in too much
detail, nor do you want to provide too little...)

note down what people put where. come up with a name for each of the main
'themes', write them on different coloured card and go back and then ask
people to place the original title cards on their respective 'themes'.

provided that you select a decent enough cross section of your site's
primary target audience, this should give you a really good idea as to how
your users see the content and where they expect to find it...


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