[thelist] how to plan a working day?

Scott Shou scott at firesites.com
Thu Feb 28 12:35:39 CST 2002

> Interesting ..... work schedules, etc., But why no mention of phone calls
> kids, baby sitters, pediatricians, veterinarians, etc, in between all
Well. .  Bev. .  do you REALLY plot daily or even weekly calls to the
pediatrician? or veterinarian?

> nice tidy business things.  Don't any of you have to ballance family,
Family, nope not yet

> community,
eh, no thanks. Can get along fine w/o those losers.

> church
bwahahaha, i'm blessedly atheist, and proud of it. Don't even get me started
on religion. Btw, how does YOUR church feel about the recent newsweek
article about pedophiliacs and the church?

> and business obligations?
Business obligations, when there as many as they are for most workaholics,
becomes like the obligation to breath. You can stop fer a bit if you need
to, but there's quite a lotta breathing left ot be done before one's last

> Either that or your reports are merely fantasy.
I think a work schedule implies listing business obligations no? I'd never
think to include "call the vet" or "let the kids out of their cages". .
.that'd be rather not what's asked for no? I'm sure these fine evolt folks
brush their teeth. . it's just not mentioned that's all (well heck, i hope
you guys too. . that or you're save up for root canals. I had one recently.
Lotsa fun.)


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