[thelist] how to plan a working day?

Scott Shou scott at firesites.com
Thu Feb 28 13:40:01 CST 2002

Hum.. I suppose scheduling is a must if you're sleeping.

Then perhaps that's really the issue at hand. It has to be a difference in
the sleep segment of our various schedules. Folks? How handy do you find
sleep vs. productivity?

My schedule:
6 days a week, 10-18 hrs a day, every other day I end up crashing in the
office to get up early enough to maintain the pace.

I haven't had a breakfast in 3-4 months (my fiancee insisted, but then gave
up on the breakfast thing about 4 months ago), eat lunch whilst working, and
tend to have an hour or two for dinner. Please fill in the necessary
allotments for bathroom breaks, breathing and etc..

Then comes the matter of sleep. I'd say it is what actually permits me to be
as productive as I am. I get between 3-7 hrs (i like to pamper myself on the
weekends) a night.

None-2hrs, if there are major projects nearing deadline.

And sadly, there is always more work. We're a tiny company, and I'm the
fulltime designer / marketing / parttime web developer.

But regardless of that, I think this really has got to be the reason for the
disparity in views of what constitutes a work schedule. . .

What do you think


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> > Well. .  Bev. .  do you REALLY plot daily or even weekly calls to the
> > pediatrician? or veterinarian?
> Yes, I have to... otherwise, there is never time.  My workday starts at 5
> AM, ends at 9 PM.  I have to schedule times for these things.
> > > and business obligations?
> > Business obligations, when there as many as they are for most
> > becomes like the obligation to breath. You can stop fer a bit if you
> > to, but there's quite a lotta breathing left ot be done before one's
> > expiration.
> Hahahaha!  Good one!
> > > Either that or your reports are merely fantasy.
> > I think a work schedule implies listing business obligations no? I'd
> > think to include "call the vet" or "let the kids out of their cages". .
> > .that'd be rather not what's asked for no? I'm sure these fine evolt
> > brush their teeth. . it's just not mentioned that's all (well heck, i
> > you guys too. . that or you're save up for root canals. I had one
> recently.
> > Lotsa fun.)
> Good point,  I guess thats true for some people.
> Bev
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