[thelist] Good CC merchant account/system to use with ASP?

Faust at LeeMarvin.com Faust at LeeMarvin.com
Thu Feb 28 14:04:01 CST 2002

Disclaimer: I don't work for or have any affiliation with either IONGate
or CostCo.

On 28 Feb 2002 at 9:22, J J wrote:

> Ideally, we'd send the user to the merchant's secure
> page, they enter their info and make the payment, then
> somehow returned to our site and we are told through
> ASP whether they paid and if it was successful.
> We don't really need a full shopping cart system, just
> payment processing.

If you are going to do at least $12,000 in business a year,
IONGate/CostCo may serve your needs.  You do not need a secure
certificate. You can utilize an order form that resides on IONGate's
secure server allowing you to securely process transactions.  The
order form, however, is a generic and cannot be customized.

How do you sign up?
Call (800) 220-6000 to set up an Executive Membership and (888)
474-0500 to set up a merchant and IonGate account.

What are the current costs?
See <http://www.iongate.com/costco/>.   If you sign up for a CostCo
Executive Membership for a $100 annual fee and pay a one time
IONGate set fee of $50, you will pay 1.99% of each charge and a
transaction fee of about $0.33 (minimum of $20 a month - about $1000
of charges per month).  So each $100 donation = $2.32 in costs plus
the initial setup and annual fees spread out over all purchases.

How does you get the money?
I believe it is via electronic funds transfer (EFT).



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