[thelist] Raw HTML when using back button. Any docs ?

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Thu Feb 28 17:12:33 CST 2002

Hi Matthew,

> A user has had a problem of their browser displaying raw-html
> when they use their back button (in IE 5). A colleague has
> assured me that this is a common browser bug, however I can't
> find any reference to it on the web/usenet. Does anyone know
> of any reassuring web-page that outlines the problem, suggests
> solutions, etc, so that I can point the user at it and how
> it's not our fault and that if we could fix it, we would :-)

Not heard of it as a browser bug, but I've caused it twice myself:

- not installing PHP properly (presumably this would apply to other
server-side stuff as well)
- stupidly putting ErrorDocument directives in httpd.conf for error codes

Might be worth checking both of these.


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