[thelist] An Informal Perl Survey

Eric Vitiello evolt at perceive.net
Fri Mar 1 06:49:00 CST 2002

-- Mohammad Burhan Khalid [Thu, 28 Feb 2002 23:21:05 -0600]:
>What are your best uses of Perl?
>Thoughts? Opinions?

As mainly an ASP/XML/XSLT web developer, I still find MANY uses for perl on a near-daily basis.

I came from a background of developing for unix-based machines, so perl was part of my everyday life.  Somewhere along my career I moved into developing more ASP solutions, but hung onto my perl background.

I find that perl is very excellent when you need a very quick solution.  The vast amount of modules available make it extremely simple to create many scripts in a very short amount of time.  I've also found Perl most of the time to be the best solution when there is alot of text manipulation to be done.  Perl's regular expression capabilities far exceed those of most other languages.

I use PerlScript quite a bit too.  If you're an ASP developer, and haven't used PerlScript, you should.  It is essentially Perl for ASP.  It's amazingly wonderful to mix VBScript and PerlScript in one page, or to simply have the ASP Response, Request, and other objects available in Perl.

Perl will continue to be around for a very long time because of it's simplicity, scalability, and flexibility.  use Perl!  :)

Eric Vitiello
Perceive Designs

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