[thelist] PhpNuke, Postnuke, phpwebsite, which one?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Fri Mar 1 10:40:18 CST 2002

Thanks for this!
At first I thought you meant the usual translation files, but this is really
"on the fly".
Not the translation itself, of course. That's still left to a human, as it

But postnuke does allow to post articles in one of the languages (or all of
them), and only the appropriate articles will show up for the end users.
Cool! That's more than half the job done for me!

I owe you (and the postnuke developpers) one!


----- Original Message -----
> PostNuke has the ability for multiple languages. I am not really sure
> how it works but I do know that it contains this capability. Check out
> the website for more details and maybe a demo.
> www.postnuke.com

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