[thelist] Fixed--- Please Help w/ Javascript Error

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Fri Mar 1 11:15:21 CST 2002

Nevermind all,

I got it..finally got ahold of OpenCube tech. It was a funky absolute URL thing
with the script pointing.


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|Hi all,
|I've been beating my brains out with this for a couple of days and only writing
|because my time is running out. I have OpenCube's QuickDHTL Menu, and I have it
|working fine on the index page of the site, but it craps out on a page inside a
|folder. I've tried an absolute URL in the script source, and various other
|things, but I just can't find the problem. I've contacted OpenCube support
|twice, and no response :-( The client is supposed to see this today, and I'd
|like to get it working:
|See http://pearl.sitediva.com
|The menu works fine here.
|Click the "Hosting" main rollover image, and you'll go to:
|Nuthin'..except errors I don't understand/can't find. Both pages are using the
|same scripts, all I did with hosting/index.html was erase all the stuff other
|than the header in the main index and save. Dreamweaver took care of the link
|porting--it looks fine--what's wrong with it?
|JS Sources are:
|Thanks in advance for help.
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