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Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Fri Mar 1 11:18:06 CST 2002

At 08:30 AM 3/1/2002, Mark Howells responded to several other comments:
> >>> it seems my styles aren't inherited in the design view of Dreamweaver.
> >> I can't
> >> comment on the current version of Dreamweaver as I haven't used it, but
> >> GoLive 5 munges CSS layouts totally in it's preview window, as do most
> >> of the other WYSIWYG editors I've seen.
> > This is just something I guess we'll all have to live with until
> > standards are up to par across the board and WYSIWYG's are updated to
> > reflect the standards in the design views.
>I'd rather have web browsers that display CSS-P properly, first--once we
>have that, then maybe the WYSIWYGs would have something to work on.


It's such a catch-22. The earlier argument of the companies making WYSIWYGs
editors was that the browser companies haven't created standards compliant
browsers so what's the point of them bothering (ugh). Now that the browsers
are greatly improving (and yes, of course they still have a long way to
go), at least now the WYSIWYG editor companies are beginning to open their
eyes and are beginning to make some moves in the right direction so that
next generation editors will have some improvements. You probably know that
WaSP, for example, in the past year or so has been loudly voicing and
discussing the standards issues with a couple of WYSIWYG editor companies
(Adobe, Macromedia). Those efforts are making some headway. That doesn't
resolve issues at the moment but at least there's hope out there that
improvements will really happen. We all wish they'd happened long ago and
more completely, too, of course.

Stay tuned for more on all of this. I'm on the WaSP Steering Committee, and
I think you know that WaSP has been outwardly quiet for a couple of months,
but Phase II will be ready soon and we'll once again be publicly outspoken
about what we're doing. Just because we've been quiet doesn't mean we've
been asleep. ;-)

And Mark, I thoroughly enjoy your very helpful posts and your Web site that
I visit all the time. (And I wish I was in Switzerland, too..... I've been
there several times and know exactly what you're talking about at your
site, so I enjoy all the photos, too.... in addition to all the CSS stuff
and related.)


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