[thelist] Streaming Question??

Malcolm J. McAtee malcolm at manlikemalcolm.net
Fri Mar 1 12:46:01 CST 2002

I have been creating some real audio versions of some dj mixes to throw
on my personal site. The site is hosted on a basic yahoo account...no streaming
capabilities that I know of >>>>>

I have just been placing my .ra and .ram files up ther and linking to them.
they seem to play just fine. How many users can access that file at the
same time? One is my guess, but I wasn't sure  >>>>>

Can anyone reccomend a good, inexpensive host w/ streaming capabilities?
(Coldfusion and/or PHP would be helpful as well) >>>>>

....Thanks Malcolm

Malcolm J. McAtee
Web Design and Development
malcolm at manlikemalcolm.net

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