[thelist] Detecting JavaScript ENABLED

Jake Aust mail_lists at jakesdiner.com
Mon Mar 4 17:58:01 CST 2002

Is it possible to detect for the situation where JavaScript is not enabled
by the user. I have noticed that "document.write" statements are executed by
IE5 Mac even when "scripting" is disabled in the preferences. However,
interactive scripting is disabled.

I have a form that has an automatic total field that updates whenever you
change quantities in the form. I want to only display the total field if
there is JavaScript to support it. I thought I could do a "document.write"
to write out that section so that if JavaScript were not present it wouldn't
appear. However on IE5 Mac, when you disable "scripting" the
"document.write" commands still work, but the auto update of the total field
doesn't. How can I remedy this?


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