[thelist] Hiermenus is licensed now?

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We just came across this recently at our company. $4000 ?!?! We built our

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> Yes, it does cost a fortune. Something like $500 for sites
> with 20 or less pages all the way up to $1495 for sites with
> more than 50 pages. If you send an e-mail to the address on
> the Hiermenus page, they'll send you the breakdown. I doubt
> anyone is grandfathered in. As far as "already having it on
> your hard drive," well stealing shareware is still stealing.

what was the license for the software before they started charging for
it? just curious, as i would like to see if and how they would go after
people who are using it.

if a developer downloaded the software and used it before they started
charging for it, then surely they couldn't be charged now as they took
the software under the conditions at the time of download?

interesting situation, and i'd love to find out just how many people are
willing to pay these ridiculous prices, when it would be possible to
either use many of the free versions available on the web, or pay
somebody a lot less to modify and install one.


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