[thelist] Hiermenus is licensed now?

Ben Phillips ben at inchima.com
Wed Mar 6 11:35:01 CST 2002

> What is so ridiculous about it?

i just think going from $0 to $1,500 in next to zero seconds is a bit

> Lets say you charge approx
> $100 (or more...) an hour for advanced DHTML development,
> something like hiermenus would require at least 3 working
> weeks to build properly. that's 12000 bucks (and probably a
> lot more).

$12,000 for a menu on a website? am i the only person who thinks that is
also ridiculous?

okay, a caveat here - i don't know too much about hiermenus and it's
functionality, but if all it does is provide a hierarchical menu system
for a website then i stand by my statement.

if i charged any of our clients prices like that... well, lets say i
wouldn't have many clients left.


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