[thelist] Bobby- Was (Request for Site Critique - glasshaus)

Clift, Heather HClift at glhec.org
Sat Mar 9 14:45:11 CST 2002

::From: "Christopher Joseph" <Christopher at ideadesigners.com>
::RE: [thelist] Request for Site Critique - glasshaus
::CM>- we have run it through bobby, and made any necessary
::changes, and had a
::Incidentally what is a "bobby"?
::Chris Joseph.
::http://ideadesigners.co.uk (very much a WIP)

Hi Chris,

Apologies if this was answered already, I'm on digest mode and it wasn't
answered by the end of the digest.

Bobby checks your websites to see what problems you may have with them for
people with disabilities.  I usually get some good advice when I check a
website there.



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