[thelist] Installing w3c validator on local machine...

Howard The Duck h.t.d at gmx.de
Sat Mar 9 14:59:01 CST 2002

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> Hi...
> I am running a mac os x machine ... with has the Apache working so
> good :)
> I check that w3c has the validator for free install... anyone here
> installed the w3c html validator on their server?
> I want to know if someone did this... i need help to nstall it.. .it
> will be a great improvement if i run it in my machine..
> thanks.

Well i did it a few month ago. As far as i remember it was quite tricky
getting all the Perl Modules, try running the validator from
commandline it'll complain about the missing stuff. then goto
www.cpan.org and get the missing modules.
Best idea is to give the validator it's own directory and setup an extra
domain for it in apache (or a subdomain, or another port...), i can
remember that it has some quirks when it's only in a subdirectory.
here's a httpd.conf snippet setup for another port

Listen 9090

        DocumentRoot "/var/www/validator/htdocs"

i can give u more info next week when i'm back to work, because i
think it needs some rewrite rule or sth. similar for the cgi-bin where the
actual validator resides... but i think this is explained somewhere in the
readme of the w3c validator.

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