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> I use Broadband connection and I see that the IP address I get is not
dedicated. When I do IPCONFIG I see some 192.168... kind of adress which
seems to suggest that I do not have a unique IP address from my ISP.

This appears to be a legitimate address. You didn't mention whether DSL,
ISDN, or cable. DSL is pretty much the same as dialup...you do not get a
unique IP. "Some" DSL providers "will" provide you with a unique, fixed IP,
but it will cost you.

If cable, check the fine print in your "Terms of Service" agreement. "Most"
cable providers strictly forbid tunneling through with a personal webserver.

> Without a UNIQUE ip address, how can I run Apache on my server so that my
friends can see it too?

As per Andrew, use a DNS hosting service. The service uses some sort of
sniffer on their servers/your computer that senses when you go online, gets
your IP address at the time, and posts it to a page on their server/site.
You give your friends the URL for the page, and they can always see your
current IP...if you're online. If not, it will indicate that you're offline.


> I would appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks
> ::Ben

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