[thelist] Re: site check, both barrels please.

Olena Sullivan olena at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 11 18:02:01 CST 2002

Hi Miriam,

OK. Weird. Looked at the site in NS6.2 on MAC and, beside the fact that
*every single link* opens into a new browser window (man that gets
annoying!), I couldn't see any content. None!

So I looked at the source code. There was content there. I just couldn't
see anything beyond the home page. So I went over to IE 5 and loaded the
site and, lo and behold, content. I didn't even realize that there was a
tree image on the home page in NS6.2.

OK - other nitpicks:
- no css to control fonts and such
- tables with row upon row of cells with " " for spacing (this may
just be me, but just use a spacer .gif instead of 5 rows of blanks)
- gratuitous use of <font> tags - why change the font size for a <br>?
- coding does not seem to take in cross-browser issues. For example, the
body tag includes coding to have the site align with no top or left
margin for one browser only.
- although there aren't many images on the site, there do not seem to be
any ALT tags for the images that are used
- I cannot find any way to get back to the home page from any of the
secondary pages. I tried to click on the logo, but that didn't work

My $0.02(CDN).......

:) Olena Sullivan

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