[thelist] AOL switching to Netscape

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Mon Mar 11 21:49:01 CST 2002

I'd also like to add that certain Mozilla programmers with @netscape.com
email addresses are winking about the story publicly. There is no
absolute proof yet, but an avalanche of coincidences is hard to ignore.

jon (does his homework...)

Jon Hall wrote:
>>i'm going to say the very same thing i said on another cf list with regard
> to this:
>>this story has *zero* references backing up its claims and there aren't
> *any* other news sites carrying similar stories.  the only >shred of
> verifiable truth in the store is the appearance of the gecko engine in some
> beta compuserve software.  until someone >comes out with some verifiable
> information, it's just a bunch of speculation by an uninformed, yet
> creative, journalist with no new >news to write about, but a deadline to
> meet to keep his job.
> I wouldn't exactly call Robin Miller uninformed, or worried about his job.
> He is certainly shouting about the switch from the mountaintops either way,
> and with his new book out soon, I wouldn't think he would want to sully his
> reputation right now on a total fabrication. The Register and Slashdot have
> picked it up also, that's not verification, but it also shows that those
> respective sites think he may be on to something.
> jon

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