[thelist] setting up "localhost"

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Tue Mar 12 01:19:01 CST 2002

>I use Broadband connection and I see that the IP address I get
>is not dedicated. When I do IPCONFIG I see some 192.168...
>kind of adress which seems to suggest that I do not have a
>unique IP address from my ISP.
>Without a UNIQUE ip address, how can I run Apache on my server
>so that my friends can see it too?
>I would appreciate any suggestions.

Sorry I haven't followed closer, Ben, but that's an unroutable IP address
used on private networks. Even if you gave me the complete address, I
couldn't get to you unless we were on the same private network, because
regular TCP/IP protocols (you know, the internet?) won't even recognize the

If your ISP is doing some kind of network address translation in order to
give you internet access (the only way I can think of with that address)
then it's virtually impossible for anyone to see that machine.

If your ISP doesn't want you hosting a site, they're not going to help. But
for an extra charge (in Southern California, they add $15 to my $50 DSL
bill) you can get a static address (or a few; I've got 5) and host your own
machine any way you want. But in the end, your ISP holds the reins.


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