[thelist] word to pdf?

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Tue Mar 12 03:14:00 CST 2002

Do you have the full Acrobat or just the reader?
If you have the full acrobat, you have 3 ways to convert to PDF, depending
on your setup:
1. Use the PDF Maker Macro from inside word.
2. If you have Acrobat set up as a virtual printer, print directly to it.
3. Print to a postscript file, and then use Distiller to convert it to PDF.

If you do not have the full Acrobat, there are a few shareware/freeware
applications out that the can convert to PDF.

If you have access to OSX, you have an option to print to PDF build in to
the system.

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> how do you turn a word doc into an acrobat file?  I've tried starting
> from acrobat.  it doesn't seem to recognize the doc.  I've tried
> starting from word. it doesn't seem to give me the choice of
> exporting as pdf.
> I even tried going to the little book that came with acrobat.
> nothing.
> anyone know how to turn a word doc to pdf?
> (I'm on a mac OS 9, if that matters.)

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