[thelist] Printer friendly pages.

Mike King mike.king at redroom.co.uk
Tue Mar 12 06:20:00 CST 2002


There's loads of different ways of doing this. The most cross browser
useful way is to do it all on the server.
If you're using a CMS, is it creating flat files or is it DB based?
If it's DB based you can probably just create a new template and off you
go. If it's making flat files (my fav kind) you could place markers in the
body of the HTML/ASP/PHP so that another script can strip out the printable


<!-- Text Start -->
Actual content
<!-- Text End -->

Then your printable.asp/cfm/php/cgi/pl file can accept an argument of the
url to the file and perform your lovely search and replace magic. You could
also combine this with some 404 redirection? ala evolt.org?

Sounds like an article in the making :)


At 12:04 12/03/02 +0000, Tony Crockford said:
>can anyone point me to a definitive resource on the best way to
>create printer-friendly pages (cross browser).
>Is this something best managed by CSS or by creating two copies of
>the same page?
>I'll be using a CMS to generate pages and looking for widest
>Which method would give the best results?
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