[thelist] Outlook 2000 Problem

Vic Wooten vicwooten at eaglewebservices.com
Tue Mar 12 08:50:00 CST 2002


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> Thanks Vic.. I will give it a shot however I am using Norton Anti Virus
> latest virus updates.
> Is it possible this is a memory issue?

It is possible that you have a memory problem. For 98 SE, I recommend a
minimum of 64 megs (I know, MS recommends 32 megs min!).

Also, "if" you have over 64 megs of ram, there is a bug in Win98SE that
causes it to start using the swapfile after it reaches 64 megs. I don't
remember what page at MS has the reference to this, but the fix is simple.

Run sysedit. Close the first three files, leaving system.ini open. Scroll
down to [386Enh]. Insert the following line immediately after [386Enh]:


Save, and reboot. This will force Windows to use up all the available
physical ram before it starts using the swapfile.

One more thing to check for...crappy screensavers. Some of these are poorly
designed, and do not properly refresh the memory as they run. Some will
actually gobble up memory until the machine freezes. Doesn't sound much like
your problem, but it's worth a check.


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