[thelist] site check, both barrels please.

Kathleen Heytink K_HEYTINK at winebow.com
Tue Mar 12 09:19:08 CST 2002

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> From: Miriam Frost [mailto:miriam at members.evolt.org]

> I now been assigned the delicate task of tearing it to shreds
> so that they
> might get a better site out of the original contractor. (Or possibly,
> winning the contract myself.) I've got a lot of ammunition
> for this already,
> but if you have any points regarding accessibility, code,
> etc., etc.; tact,
> would you please respond?
> http://www.evergreenproductions.org/

Just a quick comment.  The menus don't work at all in IE 5.5/Win98 with
javascript disabled.

And I also experienced the same "no content" problems that Olena Sullivan
did but I'm using NS 6.1/Win98

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