[thelist] Outlook 2000 Problem

James Wampler - Evolt evolt at jwampler.com
Tue Mar 12 10:30:01 CST 2002


This sounds to me like it might be a corrupted .pst file.  What I would
suggest is to back up your .pst file to cd or another directory on your hard
drive, then delete the .pst and try to start Outlook again.  If the .pst is
the problem, Outlook should start normally, but not find any of your

Then, the Detect and Repair feature in Outlook might be able to fix your

Hope this helps,

James Wampler
evolt at jwampler.com

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> Hi All,
>     I have a problem that just started the other day. I am running Outlook
> 2000 on my laptop.  The other day while in use my laptop gave me that
> message "low on memory" and told me to shutdown some programs. After doing
> this and rebooting my laptop which is running Windows 98SE .. I went to
> up Outlook 2000 again and suddenly not only does it take forever for it to
> come up but now I am getting the message as it tries to execute "Outlook
> caused an Illegal Error and will now shutdown".  I rebooted and made some
> room in case space was an issue but the post office was only 50megs and I
> have over 1.3 gigs of space .. so to be sure I cleared more out. Now I
> about 2 gigs free and still getting the same error. I looked on the net
> a resolution. The only thing I found so far was about dbx files having a
> read only attribute (I checked - not the issue). I uninstalled Office 2000
> and reinstalled it. The post office is still there and after the
> reinstallation I am still having the exact same problem. Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> Ron Klegman
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