[thelist] CSS and border characteristics in IE 5.0 PC

Jim Jancik jim at mmccd.com
Tue Mar 12 11:46:01 CST 2002

Hey fellow Evolters!

I am trying to use CSS to control some page characteristics.  I am
trying to specify a bottom border in my style sheet for certain
elements as:

  border-bottom:solid white 1px;

In IE 5 for the PC it seems to position the border four pixels lower
than it should.  Looks great in Netscape 6 and IE 5 for MAC.  Is this
just a fluke with IE 5 PC or am I doing something wrong?????   Have
done a brief search but have not seen anything that gives me any
insight into this problem.  Any one else ever run across this?

  Thanks in advance for your help.


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