[thelist] Re: AOL switiching to Netscape

Olena Sullivan olena at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 12 12:40:00 CST 2002

OK, it finally made the *public* news wires.

 From Toronto Star, 03/12/02, Business Section:

"AOL tests Netscape"
"AOL Time Warner is testing a version of the Netscape Internet browser
in its CompuServe service, a sign that AmericaOnline may drop Microsoft
Corp.'s competing Internet Explorer as the primary way 33 million AOL
users view Web pages.

New York City based AOL, which acquired the browser technology from
Netscape Communications Corp. in 1999, began the test last fall,
spokesperson Jim Whitney said.

AOL surprised some analysts when it continued to use Explorer following
the $9.8 billion purchase, helping the rival browser gain market share."

OK, so everybody who is writing about this being a fake news story
because it has no *facts* or *legitimate news stories* to back it up can
take a moment of silence and accept that Netscape has a good potential
of being used by a very large group of people (33 million+).

:) Olena

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