[thelist] Outlook 2000 Problem

kris burford [midtempo] kris at midtempo.net
Tue Mar 12 13:05:01 CST 2002


>This sounds to me like it might be a corrupted .pst file.  What I would
>suggest is to back up your .pst file to cd or another directory on your hard
>drive, then delete the .pst and try to start Outlook again.  If the .pst is
>the problem, Outlook should start normally, but not find any of your
>Then, the Detect and Repair feature in Outlook might be able to fix your

the next option when/if that doesn't work (as it didn't for me) is to try
scanpst.exe which, depending on your operating system, should be in your
system folder.

the final option is to change to eudora or similar (like i am using now),
when nothing that you can do will resurrect your damaged pst file and you
*never* want to lose all your mail again...  ; )



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