[thelist] ColdFusion on Apache2.0

Matt Liotta mliotta at iname.com
Tue Mar 12 15:41:01 CST 2002

CF in its current form does not work with Apache 2.0. My understanding is
there are no plans to have CF work with Apache 2.0. However, CFMX is
supposed to work on top of any J2EE compliant servlet engine. Therefore it
would be possible to use Apache 2.0 with CFMX assuming you pick a servlet
engine that works with Apache 2.0.

Apache 2.0 has been very stable for me on Unix, but I can't speak for
Windows. In my mind, stable and Windows are two words that should never be
used in the same sentence.


On 3/12/02 1:12 PM, "Chris Evans" <chris at fuseware.com> wrote:

> Does CF run on Apache2.0 on Win2K?  I checked macromedia's site, but
> couldn't find much information.  On a related note, how stable is Apache 2.0
> on Windows?
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