[thelist] CSS and border characteristics in IE 5.0 PC

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> >  what's the difference between bisque (#ffe4c4) and blanchedalmond
> > (#ffebcd)?  or fuchsia (#ff00ff) and magenta (#ff00ff)?  or blue
> > (#0000ff) and royalblue (#eeeeee)
> The last one is easy. The difference between blue (#0000ff) and
> royalblue (#eeeeee) is that one will turn out to be blue, and one won't.
> See if you can tell which one won't ...

There' a really good color chart on my buddy Becky Blakes site here...


A word of warning though...she is MS, MS, MS, and is not the least bit
concerned whether her site is accessible for any browser other than IE!
Well...after some coaxing from me, she did make it a "little" bit better for
later versions of Netscape.


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