[thelist] Programming language/database suggestions?

BT Bigpant bigpant at btinternet.com
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PHP / MySQL or PostgreSQL (if you need transactions) would be my first
choice because
a) PHP is very easy to learn compared to Perl and JSP
b) being a fairly simple database type, MySQL has a shallow learning curve
c) both PHP and MySQL are fast
d) they are also free

It depends on what your cousin is trying to achieve. If he needs complex
database procedures, Microst SQL or Oracle may the right tool, and therefore
the platform (IIS vs. Apache) may well dictate what language he will
eventually be using. If not, PHP/MySQL running on Apache on a UNIX/LINUX box
would be perfect.

I would suggest he thinks about extensibility, too. What features might he
add in the future ? Will his choice of language/database support these
features ? How easy would it be to port to a new platform ?

Phil Parker

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Hi listers -

My cousin has written some utility programs that he wants to sell on the
web. He is now thinking of getting his own server on which to host his site.
He says, in part:

>I have been studying different web page programming languages (such >as
PHP, ASP, JSP, Java, Java Script, etc...) to see which would be the >easiest
to learn. Also, I know that I will need some kind of database >server so I
have been looking at the various databases that are available >(such as
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc...). Not all the web >hosting
companies offer every platform  that I might need or want, so by >hosting my
own site I can choose any platform I want.

Any suggestions that would help him choose?


Sharon F. Malone
"web design and Internet writing services"
sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com

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