[thelist] Programming language/database suggestions?

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Wed Mar 13 08:13:01 CST 2002

Most others have suggested PHP, and while I like PHP, I think ColdFusion
is better, and easier to learn. Yes, I'm biased, I work for the company
that sells CF, but, I was using CF for a _long_ time before I came here.


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> Hi listers -
> My cousin has written some utility programs that he wants to
> sell on the web. He is now thinking of getting his own server
> on which to host his site. He says, in part:
> >I have been studying different web page programming
> languages (such >as PHP, ASP, JSP, Java, Java Script, etc...)
> to see which would be the >easiest to learn. Also, I know
> that I will need some kind of database >server so I have been
> looking at the various databases that are available >(such as
> PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc...). Not all the web
> >hosting companies offer every platform  that I might need or
> want, so by >hosting my own site I can choose any platform I want.

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