[thelist] Programming language/database suggestions?

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Wed Mar 13 10:10:01 CST 2002

What language does he program in? Here's the rundown.
Java = JSP, or PHP, they are all C based anyway.
If he is a Delphi programmer I think he is out of luck for similar syntax,
and should go with CF if he digs RAD.

They all do the same thing. Blah to the boosterism.

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> Hi listers -
> My cousin has written some utility programs that he wants to sell on the
web. He is now thinking of getting his own server on which to host his site.
He says, in part:
> >I have been studying different web page programming languages (such >as
PHP, ASP, JSP, Java, Java Script, etc...) to see which would be the >easiest
to learn. Also, I know that I will need some kind of database >server so I
have been looking at the various databases that are available >(such as
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc...). Not all the web >hosting
companies offer every platform  that I might need or want, so by >hosting my
own site I can choose any platform I want.
> Any suggestions that would help him choose?
> Best,
> Sharon

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