[thelist] GetImageFileSize in PHP

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Thu Mar 14 04:48:01 CST 2002

>> I'm trying to use the following PHP code
>> <?$pDimensions = GetImageSize($filepath);?>
> In the real code is there a space between the ? and the $. I doubt
> it'll have any impact on the problem, but I'm kinda interested to see
> how php reacts.

The actual line of code is in the middle of other PHP scripting, so the code
above wasn't directly lifted from the page, but I haven't had a problem with
using code like the above for the past couple of years.

>> where $filepath is a full HTTP path.
> [...]
>> Any idea why this is soooo slow? (Sorry, no URL to post.)
> Perhaps this is a dns issue on the server. Is it possible to use a
> file system path rather than a url?

I've tried that, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. It's looking more
like a DNS problem, as I'm testing on a localhost this morning and it seems
to be a lot better.

Mark Howells

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