[thelist] word to pdf?

Vic Wooten vicwooten at eaglewebservices.com
Thu Mar 14 10:27:01 CST 2002

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> At 12:39 14/03/02 +1100, viveka said:
> >I don't actually *have* Word; I eschew all MS products except for IE,
> >which I need for development. Any time anyone sends me a Word file, I
> >convert it to PDF to read it. Here's how:
> Seems a touch exessive...
> Why don't you use something that can view word files?
> OpenOffice is a good replacement for the std parts of MS Office. You can
> also print to the PDFDistiller or Writer from within it.

Also, Microsoft Word Viewer is a free download..somewhat large (appx 2.26
megs for Word 97, or 2000!).


(Watch line wrap on the URL!)

Another excellent alternative to Micro$ Office, is Suns "Star Office".....


Definately not for dialup user download though....6.0 beta weighs in at 95.6


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