[thelist] Which HTML (W3C validator)

Hardacker, Andrew Andrew.Hardacker at Compuware.com
Thu Mar 14 12:54:00 CST 2002

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I tried the following validator:
And the warnings I get are:

Line : 13 Level : 1 You have no color with your background-color : body
Line : 15 Level : 1 You have no background-color with your color : h1
Line : 16 Level : 1 You have no background-color with your color : p

I can't comment on the validity of the validator -- <opinion>it's
whack</opinion> -- but I would suggest adding color to the body tag. Some
accessibility checks will ask if there is sufficient contrast between the
background and text colors. (And we've all seen sites were there isn't.)

background-color is _not_, btw, inherited. But its initial value is
"transparent" so it appears to have been inherited.

Andy Hardacker

(sorry for the the disclaimers my company added today to outgoing mail -
probably related to the lawsuit just filed against IBM.)


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