[thelist] PHP/Oracle Connect Problems....

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Mar 14 13:39:11 CST 2002

Hi Dean | Chris,

I had a similar-sounding problem yesterday.  I could get into Oracle via
SQL+ and/or the Oracle ODBC Test utility (and several other
applications) but not with an ASP connection string.

My IM buddy sent me a new tnsnames.ora file anyway and had me load it in
C:\ORANT\NET80\ADMIN\tnsnames.ora as well as

They mumbled something about global and local names files that I didn't
quite get -- (Dean may know) -- but it worked.



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Do you have a global_names, or something like that, defined in your
sqlnet.ora file?  Try appending that name to your service name.  For
example, mlocr_user at mlocr.host.com.

Chris Ditty writes:

>      Yup.  Been there.  The tnsnames.ora file exists.  I can connect
to the
>      database using sql+ with no problems.

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