[thelist] PHP/Oracle Connect Problems....

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 14 13:45:01 CST 2002

Actually, I didn't mean appending the domain name onto your service
name.  Oracle has (used to have?) a global_names scheme that *looks*
like domain names but aren't necessarily the same.  Check the
sqlnet.ora file to see if you have one defined.  SQL*Plus will likely
tack that onto the end automatically.


Chris Ditty writes:

>      We actually use just ip addresses here.  I tried that and it still
>      wouldn't connect. As for the mlocr_user/password at mlocr, that won't
>      work with the php oracle connection.
>      They say that this is a pain in the rear.  They are right.  :)
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> Subject: Re: Re[2]: [thelist] PHP/Oracle Connect Problems....
> Author:  thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org at INTERNET
> Date:    3/14/2002 2:06 PM
> Do you have a global_names, or something like that, defined in your
> sqlnet.ora file?  Try appending that name to your service name.  For
> example, mlocr_user at mlocr.host.com.
> I'm not a PHP programmer, but can you specify the connection as
> mlocr_user/password at mlocr?
> Dean
> Chris Ditty writes:
> >      Yup.  Been there.  The tnsnames.ora file exists.  I can connect to the
> >      database using sql+ with no problems.
> >
> >      any other ideas?

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