[thelist] Dots (.) in image file names

Hardacker, Andrew Andrew.Hardacker at Compuware.com
Thu Mar 14 13:58:01 CST 2002

OK, I'll bite.

>Two questions:
>Did it happen same on your Windows computer as I stated about image file
>from http://www.cnn.com/?

No, all images but two were listed with extensions. One without an extension
is the "Powered by NOVELL" image, which I saved, adding the .gif extension
and had no trouble viewing it.

>If yes, is it really a way to prevent the illegal use of images? Can I
>rename images on my site with two or three dots (like image.any.jug) for
>the same purpose?

There is no way to prevent illegal use of image files. Anyone intent on
doing so will find a way.

Andy Hardacker

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