[thelist] Trouble in COM land!

Bob Fowler bob at rjf.ca
Thu Mar 14 17:41:01 CST 2002

> Man alive, I guess I'm just not meant to develop in this manner.  I built
> very simple component (a la Hello World) on my home machine (also Win2k
> Pro/IIS5/VS6) and attempted to use it in an ASP page and what did I get?
> 500 Server Error.  How useful!

<sarcasm>Yes, the only thing more useful is the wonderfull "Show friendly
HTTP error messages...</sarcasm>

I'm sure I've seen a checklist somewhere for what to do to get COM working,
but I can't remember where. Here are a few of the basics:

1. Make sure that the IUSR account has proper NTFS permissions on the COM
2. Check the System Event Log for any strange looking COM/DCOM error
3. Make sure that the component is propery registered... You may want to go
and weed out all of the multiple entries in the registry (at your own risk).
4. Reboot!
5. Pray for a more helpful error message.... :o)

> Checking the dcomcnfg utility I discovered no users were associated with
> default access permissions

That seems to be normal.  Mine's the same (no one in the list)...except it
works :o)

> Am I the first to have this much hardship associated with COM development?
> =)

No, but it is an awful lot to tackle in one day.


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