[thelist] <h1> tag in search engines?

Michael Galvin mgalvin at sourcevisualthinking.ie
Fri Mar 15 05:40:01 CST 2002

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So I've just finished putting all the content and stuff together for the
client into a 'beta' site, and much to my annoyance, it turns out that they
have a self-titled web guru over there going through my source and style
sheets and all that stuff, asking why I'm doing things like that, and why do
I have this piece of code when it would be much better to use tables and
frames, and crap like that.

I've ignored most of it :) (Not really, the client is always right, but I've
managed to come up with compelling reasons for not doing most of it) but now
he's thrown one at me that has dumbstruck me.  He wants me to make the <h1>
style in the CSS look the same as body text, and surround every mention of
their company name on the site with the <h1> tags.  He claims it makes it
easier for search engines to find.  This is so out there, it might actually
be true!  But it's not, right?  Right?  Hello?

Michael Galvin
source visual thinking


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